Tammie Boerner - Tammie Boerner

Tammie served prior as the Executive Assistant to the CEO at Good Shepherd for 3 ½ years. Tammie will be responsible for focusing on growing the philanthropy side of Good Shepherd. Tammie’s duties will center around creating new fundraising opportunities, develop both an internal and external opportunities for philanthropy, focus on developing relationships at all Good Shepherd Communities, focusing on revamping our database for potential donors. Tammie has been filling in part-time for the last 2 plus years to keep the Good Shepherd Foundation moving forward. Tammie coordinates the annual Good Shepherd Golf Tournament. The combination of Tammie’s ability to engage and work well with others coupled with her already fulfilling some of the Foundation duties made her a logical fit for this position. Tammie has worked in various settings in both Human Resource and Manager/Supervisor capacities over the last 20 years. She’s been a great intermediary between the Board of Directors and Senior Management. Tammie’s attention to detail and energy will be much appreciated.